April 21, 2020  |  

Antibiotic resistance and heavy metal tolerance plasmids: the antimicrobial bulletproof properties of Escherichia fergusonii isolated from poultry.

Authors: Galetti, Renata and Penha Filho, Rafael Antonio Casarin and Ferreira, Joseane Cristina and Varani, Alessandro M and Darini, Ana Lúcia Costa

We describe the mobilome of Escherichia fergusonii 40A isolated from poultry, consisting of four different plasmids, p46_40A (IncX1, 45,869 bp), p80_40A (non-typable, 79,635 bp), p150_40A (IncI1-ST1, 148,340 bp) and p280_40A (IncHI2A-ST2, 279,537 bp). The mobilome-40A carries a blend of several different resistance and virulence genes, heavy metal tolerance operons and conjugation system. This mobilome 40A is a perfect tool to preserve and disseminate antimicrobial resistance and makes the bacterial isolate incredibly adapted to survive under constant antimicrobial pressure.

Journal: Infection and drug resistance
DOI: 10.2147/IDR.S196411
Year: 2019

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