RNA sequencing analysis

Identify novel gene isoforms, determine gene fusions, annotate isoforms and alternative splicing events

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Survey transcript diversity with easy-to-use Iso-Seq analysis

Using the long reads generated by Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing, our Iso-Seq method provides reads that span entire transcript isoforms, eliminating the need for computational reconstruction, and enabling functional characterization of full-length transcript isoforms. Explore the RNA sequencing application and workflows.

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RNA sequencing

Our Iso-Seq analysis empowers you to discover novel transcripts and genes, identify fusion genes, annotate isoforms and alternative splicing events.

SMRT Analysis
Iso-Seq analysis uses highly accurate long reads (HiFi reads) generated with the CCS algorithm to cluster and generate full-length, high-quality transcript isoforms. Isoforms can be then mapped to a reference. Iso-Seq analysis is an easy-to-use application accessible via the SMRT Link graphical user interface.

How it works
Full-length, HiFi reads (Q20, single-molecule resolution) are identified and clustered at the isoform level, then polished to create high-quality consensus.

Iso-Seq analysis


Full-length cDNA results

Original publication
Gordon, S. P., et al. (2015). Widespread polycistronic transcripts in fungi revealed by single-molecule mRNA sequencing. PLoS One, 10(7), e0132628.

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PacBio DevNet tools

There are several community-supported tools for extending the RNA analysis beyond isoform identification including annotation, comparison, ORF prediction, etc. They provide scientists with easy access to additional open-source algorithms such as:

In-depth characterization of isoforms obtained by full-length transcript sequencing

Modular algorithms for transcript annotation

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SMRT compatible analysis products

Our analysis partners offer several solutions for RNA analysis. Options include customized analysis based on project needs, full-service genomics analytics, cloud-based platforms with open source tools, or opportunity to run your own algorithms.

Cloud-based genome informatics platform that provides data analysis tools and Iso-Seq analysis

Custom genome analysis services including Iso-Seq analysis

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