January 27, 2022

Automation Solution for PacBio’s High Molecular Weight DNA Extraction Technology

Hamilton Bonaduz AG announces first walk-away automation solution for PacBio’s High Molecular Weight DNA extraction technology

BONADUZ, Switzerland, January 27, 2022 (BUSINESSWIRE) — Hamilton Bonaduz AG (“Hamilton”), a leading liquid handling and laboratory automation technology company, announced today that they have collaborated with PacBio. (Nasdaq: PACB), a leading provider of high-quality, long-read sequencing platforms, to offer a walk-away automation solution for High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA extraction for their customers leveraging highly differentiated Circulomics sample prep products that enable genomic workflows.

As a first application of the companies’ collaboration, a biologically verified method for running the Circulomics Nanobind KF CBB Big DNA Kit from PacBio on Hamilton’s NIMBUS® Presto Assay-Ready Workstation will now be released. Nanobind magnetic disk technology is renowned for the extraction of high-quality and highly pure HMW DNA from various human, animal, plant, and microbial sample types. The Circulomics Nanobind KF CBB Big DNA Kit will support automated processing of cell, blood, and bacterial samples.

HMW DNA extraction is a sophisticated laboratory workflow that is typically performed manually. HMW DNA is a prerequisite for long-read sequencing libraries using Third-Generation Sequencing technology platforms from PacBio.

Long-read sequencing technologies can resolve repetitive genomic structures in human, animal and plant genomes that are challenging to determine with short read sequencing. Long-read sequencing, empowered by automated HMW DNA extraction, has the potential to increase the diagnosis of repeat expansion diseases (e.g., Fragile-X, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s) and genetic disorders caused by Structural Variation (SV), including oncology disorders.

As adoption of long-read sequencing technologies has grown to encompass projects of ever larger scale, automated HMW DNA extraction methods are needed to facilitate high throughput workflows. Hamilton’s and PacBio’s collective goal is to provide a walk-away automation solution for HMW DNA extraction, to make sample preparation easier for their customers, and to facilitate the upscaling of important downstream applications in genomics and in the healthcare setting.

“Sample preparation is often overlooked and underappreciated. For long-read sequencing, however, high DNA quality is critical,” said Jeffrey Burke, Senior Director Research & Development at PacBio. “By adapting our Nanobind technology for use on the NIMBUS® Presto Assay-Ready Workstation, we have provided users with a high-throughput method for obtaining high molecular weight DNA from a range of sample types.”

Sample extraction using the Circulomics Nanobind KF CBB Big DNA Kit on Hamilton’s NIMBUS® Presto Workstation resulted in DNA molecule size range values between 50 and 200+ kbp (major DNA size population >100 kbp), and DNA yield was comparable to that of manual sample processing. However, automated processing will enable extraction of HMW DNA from 96 samples in only a few hours. Initial methods will be released for cells and bacteria with downstream expansion into blood and tissues.

The Circulomics Nanobind Disk-based HMW DNA extraction protocol now offers an important and valuable addition to the existing NIMBUS® Presto application portfolio.

“Hamilton’s NIMBUS® Presto (with a fully integrated KingFisherTM Presto device) was the pre-destined workstation for walk-away HMW DNA extraction”, said Birgit Ottenwälder, Senior Market Segment Leader Genomics at Hamilton Bonaduz AG. “When we started our collaboration, the PacBio team brought experience with the Nanobind technology in a semi-automated setup, utilizing benchtop instruments. This resulted in a mutually beneficial optimization of processes for the two companies.”

“As a leader in laboratory automation solutions, we are highly committed to enabling our customers to push the boundaries of genomics research with innovative products or applications”, said Achim Ott, Vice President Robotics at Hamilton Bonaduz AG. “The automation of front-end, high-quality sample extraction is a first step and key element for efficient end-to-end high-throughput automation of Long-Read Third-Generation Sequencing workflows and future clinical applications. We are looking forward and we’re excited to work with PacBio on additional automation steps and new ready-to-go solutions.

Hamilton Bonaduz AG and Hamilton Company (as part of the Hamilton Group) are providing their products and services globally to customers.

About Hamilton

Hamilton Bonaduz AG is a leading global manufacturer, providing automated liquid handling workstations and laboratory automation technology to the scientific community. With a focus on innovative design, Hamilton products incorporate patented liquid handling technologies into a portfolio that includes liquid handling platforms, standard application-based solutions, small devices, consumables, and OEM liquid handling solutions. Known for advancing life science, clinical diagnostics, forensics and biotechnology industries, Hamilton products offer reliability, performance, and flexibility. Ensuring a continuous commitment to quality, Hamilton utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing at production facilities in Reno, Nevada and Bonaduz, Switzerland and has earned a global ISO 9001 certification. Privately held, Hamilton maintains headquarters in Reno, Nevada; Franklin, Massachusetts; and Bonaduz, Switzerland, along with subsidiary offices throughout the world.

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