February 5, 2021  |  Presentation

Virtual Global Summit: Shining Light On An Elusive Bug – A comparative metagenome-assembled genome analysis of “Candidatus Lachnocurva vaginae”, formerly known as Bacterial Vaginosis Associated Bacterium – 1 (BVAB1)

In this PacBio Virtual Global Summit 2020 presentation, JoAnna Holm of the University of Maryland shares her work on Bacterial Vaginosis Associated bacterium 1 (BVAB1), an as-yet uncultured bacterial species found in the human vagina that belongs to the family Lachnospiraceae within the order Clostridiales. Using the PacBio Sequel II System the first circularized metagenome-assembled genome (cMAG) of BVAB1 of this species has been produced, allowing for proper phylogenetic placement of the species in its own genus “Candidatus Lachnocurva vaginae” and genomic analysis to better understand its pathogenicity.

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