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Sequencing the genomic regions flanking S-linked PvGLO sequences confirms the presence of two GLO loci, one of which lies adjacent to the style-length determinant gene CYP734A50.

Authors: Burrows, Benjamin A and McCubbin, Andrew G

Primula vulgaris contains two GLOBOSA loci, one located adjacent to the style length determinant gene CYP734A50 which lies within the S -locus. Using a combination of BAC walking and PacBio sequencing, we have sequenced two substantial genomic contigs in and around the S-locus of Primula vulgaris. Using these data, we were able to demonstrate that two alleles of PvGlo (P) as well as PvGlo (T) can be present in the genome of a single plant, providing empirical evidence that these two forms of the MADS-box gene GLOBOSA are separate loci and not allelic as previously reported. We propose they should be renamed PvGLO1 and PvGLO2. BAC contigs extending from each GLOBOSA locus were identified and fully sequenced. No homologous genes were found between the contigs other than the GLOBOSA genes themselves, consistent with their identity as separate loci. Exons of the recently identified style-length determinant gene CYP734A50 were identified on one end of the contig containing PvGLO2 and these genes are adjacent in the genome, suggesting that PvGLO2 lies either within or at least very close to the S-locus. Current evidence suggests that both CYP734A50 and GLO2 are specific to the S-morph mating type and are hemizygous rather than heterozygous in the Primula genome. This finding contrasts classical models of the HSI locus, which propose that components of the S-locus are allelic, suggesting that these models may need to be reconsidered.

Journal: Plant reproduction
DOI: 10.1007/s00497-017-0299-9
Year: 2017

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