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Phylogenomic analysis supports multiple instances of polyphyly in the oomycete peronosporalean lineage.

Authors: Ascunce, Marina S and Huguet-Tapia, Jose C and Ortiz-Urquiza, Almudena and Keyhani, Nemat O and Braun, Edward L and Goss, Erica M

The study of biological diversification of oomycetes has been a difficult task for more than a century. Pioneer researchers used morphological characters to describe this heterogeneous group, and physiological and genetic tools expanded knowledge of these microorganisms. However, research on oomycete diversification is limited by conflicting phylogenies. Using whole genomic data from 17 oomycete taxa, we obtained a dataset of 277 core orthologous genes shared among these genomes. Analyses of this dataset resulted in highly congruent and strongly supported estimates of oomycete phylogeny when we used concatenated maximum likelihood and coalescent-based methods; the one important exception was the position of Albugo. Our results supported the position of Phytopythium vexans (formerly in Pythium clade K) as a sister clade to the Phytophthora-Hyaloperonospora clade. The remaining clades comprising Pythium sensu lato formed two monophyletic groups. One group was composed of three taxa that correspond to Pythium clades A, B and C, and the other group contained taxa representing clades F, G and I, in agreement with previous Pythium phylogenies. However, the group containing Pythium clades F, G and I was placed as sister to the Phytophthora-Hyaloperonospora-Phytopythium clade, thus confirming the lack of monophyly of Pythium sensu lato. Multispecies coalescent methods revealed that the white blister rust, Albugo laibachii, could not be placed with a high degree of confidence. Our analyses show that genomic data can resolve the oomycete phylogeny and provide a phylogenetic framework to study the evolution of oomycete lifestyles. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Journal: Molecular phylogenetics and evolution
DOI: 10.1016/j.ympev.2017.06.013
Year: 2017

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