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Metasecretome phage display.

Authors: Ciric, Milica and Ng, Filomena and Rakonjac, Jasna and Gagic, Dragana

Metasecretome is a collection of cell-surface and secreted proteins that mediate interactions between microbial communities and their environment. These include adhesins, enzymes, surface structures such as pili or flagella, vaccine targets or proteins responsible for immune evasion. Traditional approaches to exploring matasecretome of complex microbial communities via cultivation of microorganisms and screening of individual strains fail to sample extraordinary diversity in these communities, since only a limited fraction of microorganisms are represented by cultures. Advances in culture-independent sequence analysis methods, collectively referred to as metagenomics, offer an alternative approach that enables the direct analysis of collective microbial genomes (metagenome) recovered from environmental samples. This protocol describes a method, metasecretome phage display, which selectively displays the metasecretome portion of the metagenome. The metasecretome library can then be used for two purposes: (1) to sequence the entire metasecretome (using PacBio technology); (2) to identify metasecretome proteins that have a specific function of interest by affinity-screening (bio-panning) using a variety of methods described in other chapters of this volume.

Journal: Methods in molecular biology
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-7447-4_29
Year: 2018

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