September 22, 2019  |  

Long-read genome sequence and assembly of Leptopilina boulardi: a specialist Drosophila parasitoid

Authors: Khan, Shagufta and Sowpati, Divya Tej and Mishra, Rakesh K

Background: Leptopilina boulardi is a specialist parasitoid belonging to the order Hymenoptera, which attacks the larval stages of Drosophila. The Leptopilina genus has enormous value in the biological control of pests as well as in understanding several aspects of host-parasitoid biology. However, none of the members of Figitidae family has their genomes sequenced. In order to improve the understanding of the parasitoid wasps by generating genomic resources, we sequenced the whole genome of L. boulardi. Findings: Here, we report a high quality genome of L. boulardi, assembled from 70Gb of Illumina reads and 10.5Gb of PacBio reads, forming a total coverage of 230X. The 375Mb draft genome has an N50 of 275Kb with 6315 scaffolds >500bp, and encompasses >95% complete BUSCOs. The GC% of the genome is 28.26%, and RepeatMasker identified 868105 repeat elements covering 43.9% of the assembly. A total of 25259 protein-coding genes were predicted using a combination of ab-initio and RNA-Seq based methods, with an average gene size of 3.9Kb. 78.11% of the predicted genes could be annotated with at least one function. Conclusion: Our study provides a highly reliable assembly of this parasitoid wasp, which will be a valuable resource to researchers studying parasitoids. In particular, it can help delineate the host-parasitoid mechanisms that are part of the Drosophila-Leptopilina model system.

Journal: BioRxiv
DOI: 10.1101/284679
Year: 2018

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