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Genome sequence of the moderately halophilic bacterium Salinicoccus carnicancri type strain Crm(T) (= DSM 23852(T)).

Authors: Hyun, Dong-Wook and Whon, Tae Woong and Cho, Yong-Joon and Chun, Jongsik and Kim, Min-Soo and Jung, Mi-Ja and Shin, Na-Ri and Kim, Joon-Yong and Kim, Pil Soo and Yun, Ji-Hyun and Lee, Jina and Oh, Sei Joon and Bae, Jin-Woo

Salinicoccus carnicancri Jung et al. 2010 belongs to the genus Salinicoccus in the family Staphylococcaceae. Members of the Salinicoccus are moderately halophilic and originate from various salty environments. The halophilic features of the Salinicoccus suggest their possible uses in biotechnological applications, such as biodegradation and fermented food production. However, the genus Salinicoccus is poorly characterized at the genome level, despite its potential importance. This study presents the draft genome sequence of S. carnicancri strain Crm(T) and its annotation. The 2,673,309 base pair genome contained 2,700 protein-coding genes and 78 RNA genes with an average G+C content of 47.93 mol%. It was notable that the strain carried 72 predicted genes associated with osmoregulation, which suggests the presence of beneficial functions that facilitate growth in high-salt environments.

Journal: Standards in genomic sciences
DOI: 10.4056/sigs.3967649
Year: 2013

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