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Genome re-annotation of the wild strawberry Fragaria vesca using extensive Illumina-and SMRT-based RNA-seq datasets

Authors: Li, Yongping and Wei, Wei and Feng, Jia and Luo, Huifeng and Pi, Mengting and Liu, Zhongchi and Kang, Chunying

The genome of the wild diploid strawberry species Fragaria vesca, an ideal model system of cultivated strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa, octoploid) and other Rosaceae family crops, was first published in 2011 and followed by a new assembly (Fvb). However, the annotation for Fvb mainly relied on ab initio predictions and included only predicted coding sequences, therefore an improved annotation is highly desirable. Here, a new annotation version named v2.0.a2 was created for the Fvb genome by a pipeline utilizing one PacBio library, 90 Illumina RNA-seq libraries, and 9 small RNA-seq libraries. Altogether, 18,641 genes (55.6% out of 33,538 genes) were augmented with information on the 5' and/or 3' UTRs, 13,168 (39.3%) protein-coding genes were modified or newly identified, and 7,370 genes were found to possess alternative isoforms. In addition, 1,938 long non-coding RNAs, 171 miRNAs, and 51,714 small RNA clusters were integrated into the annotation. This new annotation of F. vesca is substantially improved in both accuracy and integrity of gene predictions, beneficial to the gene functional studies in strawberry and to the comparative genomic analysis of other horticultural crops in Rosaceae family.

Journal: DNA research
DOI: 10.1093/dnares/dsx038
Year: 2017

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