July 7, 2019  |  

Draft genome sequences of two uncultured Armatimonadetes associated with a Microcystis sp. (Cyanobacteria) isolate.

Authors: Woodhouse, Jason N and Makower, A Katharina and Grossart, Hans-Peter and Dittmann, Elke

Two genome sequences of the phylum Armatimonadetes, derived from terrestrial environments, have been previously described. Here, two additional Armatimonadetes genome sequences were obtained via single-molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing of an enrichment culture of the bloom-forming cyanobacterium Microcystis sp. isolated from a eutrophic lake (Brandenburg, Germany). The genomes are most closely affiliated with the class Fimbriimonadales, although they are smaller than the 5.6-Mbp type strain genome. Copyright © 2017 Woodhouse et al.

Journal: Genome announcements
DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.00717-17
Year: 2017

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