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Complete genome sequencing and comparative genomic analysis of the thermotolerant acetic acid bacterium, Acetobacter pasteurianus SKU1108, provide a new insight into thermotolerance.

Authors: Matsutani, Minenosuke and Hirakawa, Hideki and Hiraoka, Eri and Theeragool, Gunjana and Yakushi, Toshiharu and Matsushita, Kazunobu

Acetobacter pasteurianus SKU1108 is a typical thermotolerant acetic acid bacterium. In this study, the complete genome sequence of the SKU1108 strain was elucidated, and information on genomic modifications due to the thermal adaptation of SKU1108 was updated. In order to obtain a clearer understanding of the genetic background responsible for thermotolerance, the SKU1108 genome was compared with those of two closely related complete genome strains, thermotolerant A. pasteurianus 386B and mesophilic A. pasteurianus NBRC 3283. All 24 "thermotolerant genes" required for growth at higher temperatures in the thermotolerant Acetobacter tropicalis SKU1100 strain were conserved in all three strains. However, these thermotolerant genes accumulated amino acid mutations. Some biased mutations, particularly those that occurred in xanthine dehydrogenase XdhA, may be related to thermotolerance. By aligning whole genome sequences, we identified ten SKU1108 strain-specific regions, three of which were conserved in the genomes of the two thermotolerant A. pasteurianus strains. One of the regions contained a unique paralog of the thermotolerant gene xdhA, which may also be responsible for conferring thermotolerance. Thus, comparative genomics of complete genome sequences may provide novel insights into the phenotypes of these thermotolerant strains.

Journal: Microbes and environments
DOI: 10.1264/jsme2.ME16023
Year: 2016

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