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Complete genome sequence of the unclassified iron-oxidizing, chemolithoautotrophic Burkholderiales bacterium GJ-E10, isolated from an acidic river.

Authors: Fukushima, Jun and Tojo, Fuyumi and Asano, Ryoki and Kobayashi, Yayoi and Shimura, Yoichiro and Okano, Kunihiro and Miyata, Naoyuki

Burkholderiales bacterium GJ-E10, isolated from the Tamagawa River in Akita Prefecture, Japan, is an unclassified, iron-oxidizing chemolithoautotrophic bacterium. Its single circular genome, consisting of 3,276,549 bp, was sequenced by using three types of next-generation sequencers and the sequences were then confirmed by PCR-based Sanger sequencing. Copyright © 2015 Fukushima et al.

Journal: Genome announcements
DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.01455-14
Year: 2015

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