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Complete genome sequence of Citrobacter werkmanii strain BF-6 isolated from industrial putrefaction.

Authors: Zhou, Gang and Peng, Hong and Wang, Ying-Si and Huang, Xiao-Mo and Xie, Xiao-Bao and Shi, Qing-Shan

In our previous study, Citrobacter werkmanii BF-6 was isolated from an industrial spoilage sample and demonstrated an excellent ability to form biofilms, which could be affected by various environmental factors. However, the genome sequence of this organism has not been reported so far.We report the complete genome sequence of C. werkmanii BF-6 together with the description of the genome features and its annotation. The size of the complete chromosome is 4,929,789 bp with an average coverage of 137×. The chromosome exhibits an average G + C content of 52.0%, and encodes 4570 protein coding genes, 84 tRNA genes, 25 rRNA operons, 3 microsatellite sequences and 34 minisatellite sequences. A previously unknown circular plasmid designated as pCW001 was also found with a length of 212,549 bp and a G + C content of 48.2%. 73.5%, 75.6% and 92.6% of the protein coding genes could be assigned to GO Ontology, KEGG Pathway, and COG (Clusters of Orthologous Groups) categories respectively. C. werkmanii BF-6 and C. werkmanii NRBC 105721 exhibited the closest evolutionary relationships based on 16S ribosomal RNA and core-pan genome assay. Furthermore, C. werkmanii BF-6 exhibits typical bacterial biofilm formation and development. In the RT-PCR experiments, we found that a great number of biofilm related genes, such as bsmA, bssR, bssS, hmsP, tabA, csgA, csgB, csgC, csgD, csgE, and csgG, were involved in C. werkmanii BF-6 biofilm formation.This is the first complete genome of C. werkmanii. Our work highlights the potential genetic mechanisms involved in biofilm formation and paves a way for further application of C. werkmanii in biofilms research.

Journal: BMC genomics
DOI: 10.1186/s12864-017-4157-9
Year: 2017

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