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The whole genome insight on condition-specific redox activity and arsenopyrite interaction promoting As-mobilization by strain Lysinibacillus sp. B2A1.

Authors: Rathod, Jagat and Dhanani, Akhilesh S and Jean, Jiin-Shuh and Jiang, Wei-Teh

A gram-positive spore former, Lysinibacillus sp. B2A1 was isolated from a high arsenic containing groundwater of Beimen2A well, Chianan Plain area, Southwestern Taiwan. Noteworthy, in the subsurface-mimicking anoxic incubation with a Na-lactate amendment system, this isolate could interact with arsenic-source mineral arsenopyrite and enhance arsenic mobilization. Further, the isolate showed elevated levels of arsenic resistance, 200?mM and 7.5?mM for arsenate and arsenite, respectively. Lysinibacillus sp. B2A1 demonstrated condition-specific redox activities including salient oxic oxidation of arsenite and anoxic reduction of arsenate. The elevated rate of As(III) oxidation (Vmax?=?0.13 µM min-1 per 106 cells, Km?=?15.3 µM) under oxic conditions was potent. Correlating with stout persistence in an arsenic-rich niche, remarkably, the lesser toxic effects of arsenic ions on bacterial sporulation frequency and germination highlight this strain's ability to thrive under catastrophic conditions. Moreover, the whole genome analysis elucidated diverse metal redox/resistance genes that included a potential arsenite S-adenosylmethyltransferase capable of mitigating arsenite toxicity. Owing to its arsenic resistance, conditional redox activities and ability to interact with arsenic minerals leading to arsenic mobilization, the presence of such spore-forming strains could be a decisive indication towards arsenic mobilization in subsurface aquifers having a high concentration of soluble arsenic or its source minerals. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Journal: Journal of hazardous materials
DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2018.10.042
Year: 2019

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