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The complete genome of the antifungal bacterium Pseudomonas sp. strain MS82

Authors: Ma, Lin and Qu, Shaoxuan and Lin, Jinsheng and Jia, Jiayuan and Baird, Sonya M and Jiang, Ning and Li, Huiping and Hou, Lijuan and Lu, Shi-En

The genomic sequence of Pseudomonas sp. strain MS82 isolated from the rhizosphere of a soybean plant is reported and analyzed in relation to its extensive antifungal activity. Broth media used for production of the antifungal extract from strain MS82 against the mushroom pathogen Trichoderma viride were optimized using the routine plate bioassays. Culture extract of strain 82 in the peptone-K2HPO4-MgSO4 medium (PKM; peptone 20 g/L, K2HPO4 1.5 g/L, MgSO4 1.5 g/L and sterilized water) showed the best antifungal activity with an inhibition rate of 88.69thinspacetextpmthinspace3.87% to the fungal pathogen. Control efficacy of the T. viride contamination was investigated in mushroom production compost. The disease severity index of P. ostreatus hyphae infected by T. viride of treatment mixed with MS82 supernatant (38.33thinspacetextpmthinspace5.20%) was lower than that of the compost mixed with non-inoculated broth (97.50thinspacetextpmthinspace2.50%). The multilocus sequence analysis, containing four partial sequences from the gyrB, rpoB, recA and rpoD, suggests that strain MS82 is a Pseudomonas strain. The strain MS82 genome consists of a circular chromosome of 6,207,556 bp that was predicted to encode 5401 proteins and 131 RNA genes. Genome analysis revealed the presence of the gene clusters for biosynthesis of antifungal compounds, such as phenazine, pyocyanin, pyoverdine, volatile HCN and cyclic lipopeptides (arthrofactin). Genome analysis presented in the report will provide insights into development of biological control for fungal contamination in mushroom cultivation.

Journal: Journal of plant diseases and protection
DOI: 10.1007/s41348-019-00205-z
Year: 2019

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