April 21, 2020  |  

Complete chloroplast genome sequence of Hedychium coronarium

Authors: Li, Dong-Mei and Zhao, Chao-Yi and Zhu, Gen-Fa and Xu, Yue-Chun

The first complete chloroplast genome of Hedychium coronarium (Zingiberaceae) was reported in this study. The H. coronarium chloroplast genome was 163,949bp in length and comprised a pair of inverted repeat (IR) regions of 29,780bp each, a large single-copy (LSC) region of 88,581bp and a small single-copy (SSC) region of 15,808bp. It encoded 141 genes, including 87 protein-coding genes (79 PCG species), 46 tRNA genes (28 tRNA species), and eight rRNA genes (four rRNA species). The nucleotide composition was asymmetric (31.68% A, 18.35% C, 17.74% G, 32.23% T) with an overall AT content of 63.92%. Phylogenetic analysis showed that H. coronarium was classified into a monophyletic group within the genus Hedychium in family Zingiberaceae.

Journal: Mitochondrial DNA Part B
DOI: 10.1080/23802359.2019.1659114
Year: 2019

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