Binding Kits for the PacBio RS II

DNA polymerase binding kits contain sequencing polymerase and reagents to prepare SMRTbell libraries for sequencing on the PacBio systems. MagBead binding kits are used with polymerase-bound SMRTbell libraries for effective loading of DNA on SMRT Cells.

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DNA/Polymerase Binding Kit P6 v2


The DNA/Polymerase Binding Kit P6 v2 contains reagent supplies to bind prepared DNA template libraries to the DNA polymerase P6 in preparation for sequencing on the PacBio RS II System. The result is a DNA polymerase/template complex. DNA Polymerase P6 should be used only with Sequencing Reagent 4.0. Reagent quantities support 24 binding reactions.

Insert: Binding Kit P6v2

SDS: DNA Polymerase Binding Kit P6v2

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MagBead Kit v2


The MagBead Kit v2 contains reagent supplies to capture DNA polymerase and template complex for loading onto the PacBio systems. Kit components include MagBeads and the MagBead Buffer kit.

Insert: MagBead Kit

SDS: MagBead Kit

Procedure & Checklist: Preparing MagBeads for Sequencing

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