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Sequencing 101: long-read sequencing

Long-read sequencing technologies are quickly becoming the new gold standard in genomics research, and HiFi sequencing is at the forefront. This article provides an introductory look at what long-read sequencing is, and explores topics the advantages, applications of using long-read sequencing in your research.

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Beyond contiguity — assessing the quality of genome assemblies with the 3 Cs

With high-throughput long-read sequencing, it is now affordable and routine to produce a de novo genome assembly for microbes, plants and animals. The quality of a reference genome impacts biological…

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Introduction of the Iso-Seq method: state of the art for full-length transcriptome sequencing

In eukaryotic organisms, the majority of genes are alternatively spliced to produce multiple transcript isoforms. Gene regulation through alternative splicing can dramatically increase the protein-coding potential of a genome. Therefore,…

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