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Richard Shen

Senior Vice President, Research & Development

Richard Shen joined PacBio via Omniome in September 2021. While President of Omniome, he led the company through a transformative period ultimately culminating in the PacBio acquisition. As Chief Product Officer, Richard led Omniome’s product development teams to commercialize the Sequencing by Binding next-generation sequencing technology. Richard has led the development of industry leading platforms in next-generation sequencing and high-density arrays, and the creation of applications using those technologies. Most recently, as part of RS Technology Ventures, Richard has advised several startups and sits on the Board of Directors of molecular diagnostic and early stage pharmaceutical companies.

Prior to that, Richard held several senior level positions during his 16-year career at Illumina, including VP of Oncology Research and Development, where he led teams to develop assays for the sensitive and specific detection of cancer in cell-free DNA and tumor samples. Richard was also VP of Consumables Product Development, where he led global teams responsible for the development of genotyping and next-generation sequencing biochemistry used in Illumina platforms, including the development of NGS applications for whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, targeted resequencing, methylation detection and forensic investigations.  Prior to Illumina, Richard was Director of the High-throughput sequencing lab at Myriad Genetics, where he helped produce the first draft sequence of the rice genome.

Richard holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from LSU School of Medicine and a BS in Biochemistry from UCLA.

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