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Denis Zaccarin, PhD

Senior Vice President, Research & Development

Denis joined PacBio in 2004 as Director of Engineering. He initially led the development of the research tools used by PacBio to generate the first sequencing results. He was promoted to Vice President of Engineering in 2010 and managed the development of the first commercial platform, RSII.
Since 2012 he has been occupying the role of VP Semiconductor Integration Devices, leading the development of the consumables used in the Sequel and Sequel II platforms.

Prior to joining PacBio, he held various engineering and leadership roles at Bell-Northern Research, Nortel, Cambrian Systems, ONI systems and Ciena. He was promoted to Senior Vice President, Research and Development, effective April 1, 2020.

He holds BScE (1987) and MScE (1989) from Laval University and a PhD in Electrical Engineering, Optics (1993) from the University of Ottawa.

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