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Virtual Event

PacBio Global Summit 2020

Whether you’re an avid PacBio user or are interested in learning how highly accurate long-read sequencing, or HiFi sequencing, can help you answer your toughest biological questions, the PacBio Virtual Global Summit has something for you. Save the date and join us for this interactive event to connect with the worldwide network of scientists, sequencing experts, and bioinformaticians who are using HiFi sequencing to advance their research.

Virtual Event

Genomics of Rare Disease

Exploring how genomic research translates into clinical care and informs our understanding of the biology of rare disease. Hosted by the Wellcome Genome Campus, UK.


Unleashing the Power of HiFi Sequencing – How the Sequel IIe System Removes Barriers and Empowers Life Scientists

With their unique combination of high accuracy and long read lengths, HiFi reads produce superior results across a range of applications, from creation of reference-quality de novo assemblies, to comprehensive variant detection and full-length transcript sequencing. Join us for this webinar to learn how HiFi reads are empowering leading core labs and service providers, and how the new Sequel IIe System, which directly outputs HiFi reads, is making it easier than ever before to get started with HiFi reads or add capacity.

Virtual Event

Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) Virtual Annual Meeting 2021

As the largest international organization representing shared resource cores, the ABRF Annual Meeting is not to be missed! There are so many opportunities to network with core laboratory professionals of all disciplines, learn about the latest groundbreaking research and instrumentation, and develop a new set of skills.

With a focus on advanced technology, education and cutting-edge research in shared scientific resource core labs worldwide, the ABRF meeting is a collaborative hub for technological innovation, sharing best practices, and professional development. The 2021 meeting features three full days, covering the latest in bioinformatics, mass spectrometry based ‘omics, genomics, cytometry, imaging and core management.

Virtual Event

SMRT Science Journal Club

Join us for our quarterly SMRT Science Journal Club, which provides researchers a platform to showcase their publications involving PacBio HiFi data. Attendees can meet with authors after the event.

Virtual Event

Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) 2021

Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) delivers a premier experience where heads of labs, institutions, businesses, financial analysts and other high-level stakeholders come together to advance the field and drive game-changing innovation. Significant scientific advances are announced and showcased, science and industry forge enduring partnerships, and significant investments and notable acquisitions are made.


Long Reads Versus More Reads: Comparing Two Sequencing Tools for Evaluating Live Biotherapeutics as Microbiome Interventions

A longstanding challenge in microbiome research has been achieving the taxonomic resolution needed to generate testable hypotheses about how the gut microbiome impacts human health and disease, and to assess the mechanism and efficacy of specific microbiome interventions. Short read whole genome shotgun metagenomic sequencing provides high taxonomic resolution plus functional information but is expensive for large cohort studies. Because of its lower cost, short-read sequencing of the bacterial 16S rRNA gene has become the standard for microbiome profiling, despite its limitations.

Recently, HiFi Sequencing with PacBio has offered an alternative to both short-read shotgun metagenomics and partial 16S gene sequencing, providing richer information from shotgun data and higher taxonomic resolution from full length 16S sequences. Here, we use 12 human microbiome samples from 6 donors enrolled in a Phase 1b trial of a live biotherapeutic product to compare the utility and cost effectiveness of long-read and short-read sequencing methods for evaluating microbiome interventions using both 16S StrainID from Shoreline Biome and PacBio HiFi sequencing shotgun datasets.

Attend this webinar to understand how:

  • 16S sequencing with Shoreline Biome and PacBio allows for strain-level identification and tracking of bacteria in fecal samples.
  • Less PacBio HiFi shotgun data is needed to generate the same level of functional profiling information, because unlike with short read data, nearly every read has at least one, and typically multiple, functional annotations.
  • PacBio HiFi data generates multiple single contig MAGs from fecal samples when multiplexed at 3 samples per SMRT Cell 8M, outperforming other sequencing alternatives.
Virtual Event

PacBio Plants and Animal Genomics (PAGBio) Day

The PacBio Plant and Animal Genomics Day—PAGBio Day—is a virtual half-day event featuring scientists presenting their latest discoveries, education on how you can use HiFi sequencing to advance your research, and the ability to engage with your peers in the scientific community. The event includes:

  • A live keynote session: New Discoveries in Plant and Animal Sciences
  • A panel discussion on the future of sequencing in Plant and Animal Genomics
  • Exciting talks from PacBio users on their latest research
  • Two application workshops sharing workflow best practices
  • Opportunities to connect with colleagues in the PAGBio Day Community
  • A “drop-in” session to get your questions answered by a PacBio scientist
Virtual Event

American Society for Microbiology (ASM) NGS 2020

Join us at the virtual 2020 ASM Conference on Next-Generation Sequencing, taking place Dec. 7-11, 2020, and get comprehensive guidance with up-to-date examples in the use of NGS technology for applied results in the traceability and clustering of microbial pathogens associated with food safety, clinical infection, environmental contamination and other potential sources of disease outbreaks. You’ll walk away with access to the available resources and direction you need relating to bioinformatics and epidemiology.


University of Pittsburgh Virtual Seminar

As the foundation for advanced scientific discoveries, sequencing data must be accurate and complete. With PacBio highly accurate long reads, known as HiFi reads, scientists no longer need to compromise between long read lengths and high data accuracy. In this webinar, we will illustrate through real-life case studies using HiFi applications to gain comprehensive views of your studied genomes and transcriptomes regardless of their size and complexity.

Virtual Event

PacBio Neuroscience Day 2020

Our Neuroscience Day virtual event aims to empower scientists on their journey of discovery. Join us to learn how highly accurate long-read sequencing can be used at every stage of your research, from disease variant identification to elucidation of the disease mechanisms and screening disease cohorts. Engage with leading scientists across three session tracks to learn from their experiences and explore the latest tools to advance your science.

Virtual Event

NextGen Omics Series UK: Virtual

The NextGen Omics Series UK features 4 outstanding programmes, bringing together Europe’s most successful omics research experts under one roof. The series provides an excellent networking platform which consists of key discussion topics in: Next Generation Sequencing & Clinical Diagnostics, Single Cell Analysis, Genome Editing and Digital PCR. PacBio will have a virtual booth at this event as well as a presentation and a roundtable panel discussion as part of the NGS & Clinical Diagnostics stream.

Virtual Event

American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) 2020 Virtual Meeting

This year ASHG has gone virtual! We’ll be on hand to introduce the new Sequel IIe System as well as our latest applications using highly accurate long reads (HiFi reads), and you can hear about how long-read sequencing helped identify novel genetic variations as part of the Genomic Answers for Kids study, as well as pioneering work around single-cell isoform analysis in the nervous system.

Virtual Event

UC Davis Iso-Seq Online Workshop

With instruction from experienced Core personnel and Iso-Seq analysis experts Dr. Liz Tseng, Principal Scientist at PacBio, and Dr. Ana Conesa, Professor at the University of Florida, this short course will provide a mixture of lectures and hands-on analysis to give participants an overview of the possibilities represented by full length transcript isoform sequencing with Iso-Seq.