Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Characterization of a clinical Clostridioides difficile isolate with markedly reduced fidaxomicin susceptibility and a V1143D mutation in rpoB.

The identification and characterization of clinical Clostridioides difficile isolates with reduced fidaxomicin susceptibility.Agar dilution assays were used to determine fidaxomicin MICs. Genome sequence data were obtained by single-molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing in addition to amplicon sequencing of rpoB and rpoC alleles. Allelic exchange was used to introduce the identified mutation into C. difficile 630?erm. Replication rates, toxin A/B production and spore formation were determined from the strain with reduced fidaxomicin susceptibility.Out of 50 clinical C. difficile isolates, isolate Goe-91 revealed markedly reduced fidaxomicin susceptibility (MIC >64?mg/L). A V1143D mutation was identified in rpoB of Goe-91. When introduced into C. difficile…

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