Thursday, February 25, 2021

Pathogenic 12-kb copy-neutral inversion in syndromic intellectual disability identified by high-fidelity long-read sequencing

We report monozygotic twin girls with syndromic intellectual disability who underwent exome sequencing but with negative pathogenic variants. To search for variants that are unrecognized by exome sequencing, high-fidelity long-read genome sequencing (HiFi LR-GS) was applied. A 12-kb copy-neutral inversion was precisely identified by HiFi LR-GS after trio-based variant filtering. This inversion directly disrupted two genes, CPNE9 and BRPF1, the latter of which attracted our attention because pathogenic BRPF1 variants have been identified in autosomal dominant intellectual developmental disorder with dysmorphic facies and ptosis (IDDDFP), which later turned out to be clinically found in the twins. Trio-based HiFi LR-GS together…

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